Available Programs / Requirements



  • Candidate must score 120 and above in JAMB (in addition to basic requirements for o’level as specified by each department)
  • Candidates who did not choose FCA Ibadan will have to do a change of Institution
  • Names must be found on JAMB central admission processing system
  • Candidate will have to upload their WAEC/NECO/NABTEB on Jamb portal
  • The College admission officer will approve the admission.
  • After approval, candidate will have to print out their admission letter from Jamb
  • Candidate will pay for post-utme form online through remita pin generated.
  • College will inform the candidate for post-utme examination to be done in the college premises. (candidate must bring all original copies of all relevant documents)
  • Successful candidates will be offered admission and contacted to pay a prescribed acceptance fee
  • Resumption date will be communicated later and full registration process (via the application portal) will commence.

Note: For ALL returning students, the current basic info will be supplied (Matric No will serve as username). They will however be required to update their student info and others.


  • Enable interested applicants to freshly apply (Fully automated)
    · Portal will allow applicants to supply their personal profiles and manage their individual profiles
  • Applicants would be able to upload their credentials in selected electronic format
  • Applicants could generate application Invoices, code processing Invoices and make online payment
  • Applicants would be provided notification of their application status, serving as feedback
  • Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their admission letter online
    · Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their clearance form
  • Newly admitted and Returning students would allowed to specify registration related information such as courses online
  • Students would have the ability to manage their personal profile
    · Students could generate Tuition related Invoices. Allowance would be made for payment in installments
  • Portal will enable student to generate Invoices for other fees such as
    o Accommodation

o Code Processing

o Statement of Result

o WES Verification

o Certificate Collection

o Carry Over Student

o Transcript

  • Students would be provided notification of their registration status, serving as feedback
  • Portal will allow Student to print their registration form online
    · Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their financial clearance form
    · Portal would enable students to add and delete courses
  • Portal would allow hall management to manage personal profile
    · Hall warden and related staff would be able to access student profile and interact with it
  • Hall warden and related staff would be able to allocate/assign rooms and bed spaces to qualified student

· Staff would be able to confirm payment for accommodation
· Hall could profile incidences related to the stay of specific students

  • Portal would allow the management of profiles of individual lecturers
    · Portal would enable the management of department profiles
    · The management of course profiles would be available
    · Lecturers could be assigned to specific course courses to coordinate
    · Students profile and registration information would be accessible – Both full and part time students
  • Student data would Interact with Departmental data
  • Departments would be able to generate relevant reports on students registered in Department
  • · A mail server would be setup that enables mail clients
    · The setup would allow for customized configuration on mail clients
    · Departmental / Units accounts would be set up
    · Individual lecturer accounts would be set up

  • · The portal allow for virtualized teaching environment which would promote real time
    dissemination of information from the lecturer to the student and allow for feedback from
    the student
    · Interaction mode would include
    o Video
    o Audio
    o Text
    · Allow sending assignment and submitted assignments
    · Arrangement would be based on Lecturers and Courses assigned and students