Admission Requirements

  • Candidate must score 120 and above in JAMB (in addition to basic requirements for o’level as specified by each department)
  • Candidates who did not choose FCA Ibadan will have to do a change of Institution
  • Names must be found on JAMB central admission processing system
  • Candidate will have to upload their WAEC/NECO/NABTEB on Jamb portal
  • The College admission officer will approve the admission.
  • After approval, candidate will have to print out their admission letter from Jamb
  • Candidate will pay for post-utme form online through remita pin generated.
  • College will inform the candidate for post-utme examination to be done in the college premises. (candidate must bring all original copies of all relevant documents)
  • Successful candidates will be offered admission and contacted to pay a prescribed acceptance fee
  • Resumption date will be communicated later and full registration process (via the application portal) will commence.


Note: For ALL returning students, the current basic info will be supplied (Matric No will serve as username). They will however be required to update their student info and others.


  • Enable interested applicants to freshly apply (Fully automated)
    · Portal will allow applicants to supply their personal profiles and manage their individual profiles
  • Applicants would be able to upload their credentials in selected electronic format
  • Applicants could generate application Invoices, code processing Invoices and make online payment
  • Applicants would be provided notification of their application status, serving as feedback
  • Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their admission letter online
    · Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their clearance form
  • Newly admitted and Returning students would allowed to specify registration related information such as courses online
  • Students would have the ability to manage their personal profile · Students could generate Tuition related Invoices. Allowance would be made for payment in installments
  • Portal will enable student to generate Invoices for other fees such as o Accommodation
    o Code Processing
    o Statement of Result
    o WES Verification
    o Certificate Collection
    o Carry Over Student
    o Transcript
  • Students would be provided notification of their registration status, serving as feedback
  • Portal will allow Student to print their registration form online · Portal will allow admitted applicants to print their financial clearance form · Portal would enable students to add and delete courses
  • Portal would allow hall management to manage personal profile
    · Hall warden and related staff would be able to access student profile and interact with it
  • Hall warden and related staff would be able to allocate/assign rooms and bed spaces to qualified student

· Staff would be able to confirm payment for accommodation
· Hall could profile incidences related to the stay of specific students

  • Portal would allow the management of profiles of individual lecturers
    · Portal would enable the management of department profiles
    · The management of course profiles would be available
    · Lecturers could be assigned to specific course courses to coordinate
    · Students profile and registration information would be accessible – Both full and part time students
  • Student data would Interact with Departmental data
  • Departments would be able to generate relevant reports on students registered in Department
  • · A mail server would be setup that enables mail clients
    · The setup would allow for customized configuration on mail clients
    · Departmental / Units accounts would be set up
    · Individual lecturer accounts would be set up

  • · The portal allow for virtualized teaching environment which would promote real time
    dissemination of information from the lecturer to the student and allow for feedback from
    the student
    · Interaction mode would include
    o Video
    o Audio
    o Text
    · Allow sending assignment and submitted assignments
    · Arrangement would be based on Lecturers and Courses assigned and students




Admission Notice!


Candidates who sat for the 2024 UTME and scored 120 and above are eligible to apply. Such candidates are required to ensure that they do a change of institution to the Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan as the first choice. They should also ensure that they upload their O’Level result on JAMB CAPS at the JAMB office or any JAMB accredited CBT centre. Candidates awaiting results are also eligible to apply. They are to ensure that they upload their O’Level results as soon as their results are released.

Visit for O’Level and UTME requirements.

Available courses are:
• Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology
• Agricultural Technology
• Multimedia Technology
• Library and Information Science
• Science Laboratory Technology
• Organic Agricultural Technology
• Home and Rural Economics
• Horticultural Technology
• Cooperative and Economic Management

National Diploma part-time candidates are required to visit the nearest JAMB office and apply for a part-time programme. After successful application, they are to proceed to APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS below.

• Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology (Farm Power and Machinery Option)
• Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering (Post Harvest Technology Option)
• Agricultural Extension and Management
• Animal Production Technology
• Crop Production Technology
• Horticultural Technology
• Agribusiness and Management
• Pest Management Technology
• Microbiology

1. Prospective candidates are to visit and enter their valid email and phone number in the spaces provided.
2. A verification link will then be sent to the email entered. Go to your email and look for an email verification link from FCA IBADAN.
3. Click the link to make a payment of N2,000.00 for a confirmation code that will be sent to the email after successful payment.
4. The email and confirmation code will be used to login into the application portal.

To make the application payment and complete your application, login again with your email and confirmation code and read the FCAIB Application Process on the Dashboard.
Payment Schedule
Below is a well-detailed table showing our various programmes and their respective payment schedule. Kindly go through them to review your choice before making a decision.
FCA IBADAN Application Process
The following process highlights a step-by-step process for a successful application to our school.

>>> Select Programme of Study

Kindly select a program of your choice and proceed to make your application fee payment.

>>> Application Fee Payment

After selecting the programme of your choice, click on the proceed to payment button. A payment summary page will display and a little form beside it. Kindly enter your Surname, First Name, and Other Name as they appear on your WAEC/NECO/NABTEB certificate or as they appear on your JAMB slip. Confirm that your personal details and program information are correct. Then click Generate RRR to obtain 12-digit RRR and take to any bank to pay or click Pay with REMITA to pay online using any online payment methods.

>>> Application Form
After successful payment, you can simply go back to your application portal and click on “application form” on your menu to complete your application.
Application Form hints.
1. Fill in all the required fields.
2. Carefully enter your personal information as required.
3. Make sure the personal and educational information provided are accurate.
4. Upload all the required documents.
5. Make sure all uploaded documents and your passport (maximum of 50kb on white background) are well arranged.
6. Cross check the entire form before clicking on the “Submit Form” button.
7. Once your application is submitted, you can always check your login to check on your admission status. If you are going to write a test or attend an admission interview, you will be notified.