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Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Profile of the ADEWUMI, Idowu Olugbenga

Engr. ADEWUMI, Idowu Olugbenga

B.Sc (Hons), Industrial & Production Engineering (Ibadan)

M.Sc, Agricultural & Environmental Engineering (Ibadan), MNSE,MNIIE,MNSBE,CCND,CCTA

- Areas of Specialisation: Software Development, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Renewable Energy Expert, Automation, Farm Power & Machinery

Position: Lecturer/Head, College E-Library

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- Phone Number :: +234-8023821869, 07034205740

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Published Engineering Textbooks

1. ADEWUMI, Idowu Olugbenga (2015). Alternative Power Source: V-Belt Fuelless Power Generating Set. ISBN: 978-3-659-77897-1. Published by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. OmniScriptum Management GmbH & Co.KG, Heinrich- Bocking-StraBe 6-8, D-66121 Saarbrucken, Germany.

2. ADEWUMI, Idowu Olugbenga (2015). Genetic Algorithm: Step by Step Solution for Agric. Extension Agents. ISBN: 978-3-659-78173-5. Published by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. OmniScriptum Management GmbH & Co.KG, Heinrich- Bocking-StraBe 6-8, D-66121 Saarbrucken, Germany

2b. Papers and Works in Preparation:

(i) Adewumi I.O, Adelekan B.A and Adegbo T.C. Process Optimization of College Hybrid Solar Power System.

(ii) Adewumi I.O. Software Development for FCA Ibadan FeedMill

(iii) Adewumi I.O. Dynamic FCA Ibadan Student Portal Development.


1. Member, The Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE)

2. Member, Nigerian Institute of Industrial Engineers (MNIIE)

3. Alumni University of Ibadan

4. National Society of Black Engineers, Canada (NSBE Colligate Member)

5. Cisco Certified Network Designer (CCND) (Brainbench)

6. Member/Secretary, Rotary International (Rotary Club of Ibadan Ring Road, D9125 Nigeria).

Engr. Idowu.O. Adewumi

Lecturer/Head, E-Library Unit