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The Vocational Training for 2016 Batch A and B which was started on the 29th September 2016 has just been completed on Friday 14th October, 2016.

The Executive Provost of the College, Engr. Dr. Babajide Adelekan also gave his closing remark at the occassion.

The speech is as follows "There is no better adjective to qualify the granduands of this Training Programmethan the word, victorious. You were victorious at the screening, having been selected from over 5,000 applicants to be the lucky beneficiaries of this edition of our vocational training programme. You are also victorious at the end of the intensive, interesting and rejuvenating training. No bad report came in respect of any of you. We thank God for your successful completion of this training.

We must give kudos to the entire college which despite the economic crunch was able to garner her scarce resources to conduct this training and empower more than 420 candidates. You were given lectures and practicals, fed for the week, provided with training materials, and you are going home with a start-off package including an internationally recognized certificate all of which is without a single charge to you. We appreciate everybody who has contributed in any way to make this possible. We also appreciate all of you for attending this intensive Training Programme. To God be the glory and mayhe reward us all.

Vocational training has become an integral part of the college programme and we do not hope to renege on it, so long as the circumstances will permit. We are the optimists who believe that the bad times will not last and that the desired change is here. If we, with the support of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), have been able to shoulder this responsibility, it simply indicates that we can always do more as the economy improves. What we have given you is of much value. It is a blessing and we do not expect you to handle it with levity.

The graduation package is a seed that must be sown. Do not act like the ungrateful steward who buried his one talent in ground, saying that it was not enough. We suggest you put your energy into sowing this seed and in a no distant future, you will join several of other people who have passed through this training to abundantly reap and testify.

You can maximize the benefit of the knowledge and skills obtained in this vocational training by doing the following:

1. If you are already employed in agricultural business, you should immediately begin to make use of the knowledge gained to improve your business.

2. Those of you who are unemployed and presently doing nothing can start your own farming or agro business with the acquired knowledge by starting with the graduation package. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

3. Two or more of you may agree to come together, combine your resources to form a partnership to leverage on your skills. May I quickly add here that this option requires a prior good formal structure and agreement that will take care of future exigencies and consequently minimize misunderstanding.

4. The training has also presented you with opportunity to interact, make friends and connections which can be of immense benefits to you in the future, all things being equal.

5. Finally, the College doors remain open for your future consultations and any other forms of assistance that we may offer. Overall, you have received the potential to become self-sufficient in the future with the possibility of becoming an employer of labour.

Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, is an institution that you should be proud to be a part of. Besides being the oldest institution of higher learning in Nigeria (as I mentioned in my opening address), we have equaled our checqured historywith lofty performance. In the very recent ranking JournalConsulting.Org(an international rating organization),we proudly occupy the 1st position among the monotechnic institutions and Colleges of Agriculture in Nigeria. This ranking which is based on research publications and citations with visibility on the internet is clear indication that our distinction as a college is being celebrated worldwide. Spread the good news as you go back home. Be good ambassadors, join the numerousother products of the college to make the country proud.

Our national Diploma (ND) and Higher Diploma (HND)programmes both in full time and part time bases are open to the public.We will continue to consolidate on the unequal achievements that we already have.

This address will not be complete without expressing my unreserved appreciation to those whose commitments and sacrifices made the training a success. I thank the College Management,vocational committee members and other members of staff who participated in the various aspects of this trainingprogramme. While you have the provost’s recognition and appreciation, it is also my prayer that God who knows how much efforts you have put in to ensure the overall success of this training will reward you greatly".



Executive Provost

Download Provost Speech for 2016 Closing Ceremony of the Vocational Training (pdf)