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The Provost serves as College's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the office of the Provost is the link of the College to Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMR&D) ( through Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) ( which is the supervising body to oversees the institution (Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation Ibadan Nigeria) administrative polices. The Office of the Provost works closely with the College's Management Committee and Academic Board to:

1.Nurture inter-departmental collaboration

2.Improve College's performance in building quality researchers and in developing intellectuals at all stages of the educational career ranking.

3.Improve college-wide efforts in conducting relevant research.

4.Manage and promote both local and international collaboration between the institutions and other organization.

5. Supporting departments, lecturers, other staff and students in advancing innovation in leveling research and learning.

6.Organize and execute events and programmes pertaining to research collaborations and technology transfer in the broad field of agriculture and industry.

The Registry department, Bursary department and other department as well as staff in the Provosts' office, support the Provost in carrying out various responsibilities.


1. Graduates

The College continues to produce thorough bred agricultural technologists, technicians, and practitioners. Many of them are successful agro-entrepreneurs; a large number have served and serving as field technologists and research assistants in various agricultural research institutes and universities. Several others serve as farm managers; many are engaged in the agricultural departments of banks, insurance companies, engineering companies and other agricultural and allied outfits. Many have proceeded further in their education and have become lecturers, researchers and professors. Yet others have veered into other kinds of occupations as well as politics.

2. Development of Farm Machines and Equipments

Through active research, prototypes, teaching models are ready to use farm machines and equipment have been developed in the agricultural engineering Programme of the College. Some of these are: fish smokers, ovens, different kinds of dryers, cassava peelers, cassava chippers and pelleting machines, maize shellers, soybean thresher, multi crop threshers, planters, fertilizer applicators, locust bean dehauler, fruit juice extractor, palm kernel cracker, maize/yam roaster, defeathering machines and myriads of others. One of the latest in the series is a fuelless generator which operates on induced electromotive force as alternative source of power.

3. College Products

The College is known for agricultural and allied products which include:

•Hygienic and high quality gari.

•Palm oil

•Honey and bee products

•Pop corn

•FCA Bread and other confectionery.

•Poultry products

•Fresh and smoked fish.

•Tree crop seedlings.

4. Infrastructure

Between 2009 and now the following facilities have been added to the College's infrastructure:

1.Renovation and equipping of laboratories, classrooms and staff offices.

2.Renovation of students' hostels.

3.Drilling of boreholes to serve both academic and students' residential areas.

4.Construction of new three blocks of classrooms

5.Construction, stocking and equipping of a College library.

6.Construction and equipping of a feed mill.

7.Construction and equipping of a bakery.

8.Expansion of College livestock farms including construction of additional fish ponds, a fish hatchery, two piggery pens, rabbitary, care rat pens, honey production unit and a new cassava processing unit.

9.Provision of additional office equipment including furniture, computer units and photo copiers.

10.Upgrading of the audio visual and cyber café and Home Economics unit.

11.Installation of a College website and internet service.

12.Deployment of fibre optics radio equipment.

13.Compilation and publication of comprehensive College compendium.

14.Composition of College anthem and institution of the College Choral group.

15.Procurement of new Agricultural equipment including tractors, mowers, steel rolling machine, bending machine, sheet cutting machine and tractor implements.

16.Setting up of two(2) standard conference rooms.

17.Procurement of giant and medium sized generators.

18.Purchase of additional vehicles

19.Establishment, equipping and staffing of College Health Centre.

20.Acquisition and part-cultivation of 200 acres farmland at Onifufu in Ido Local Government Area.

21.Construction of a farmhouse at Onifufu

22.Construction and equipping of a new Administrative Building.

23.Construction and equipping of ultra modern Entrepreneurship Development Centre.

24.Construction and equipping of new Engineering workshop.

25.Reconstruction of crop processing building.


Engr. Dr. B. A. Adelekan

B.Sc., (Ife), DMS, M.Sc., MBA, Ph.D. (Ibadan), FNSE, FNIM, FNIAE, MASABE, mnimn, JP, COREN Reg.

Executive Provost,

Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan Nigeria.