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Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Course Outline


GNS 101 Use of English (2 units)

Language Development, Grammatical Convention, Punctuation and Punctuation Marks, Idiomatic Expressions, Summary Writing, Note taking and note making, Essay writing, Introduction to Literature-In-English, Introduction to the Use of Library.

GNS 102 Communication in English I (3 units)

Language Development, Definition and Use of Language, Grammatical Structure and Parts of Speech, Definition, Elements and Process of Communication, Types of Communication, Writing Skills, Pronounciation of English, Vowel and Consonant Phonemes in English Language.

GNS 201 Use of English II (2 units)

Grammatical Rules, Sentence Patterns, Synonyms and Anatonyms, Denotation and Connotation, Essay Writing, Comprehension and Summary, Uses of the Dictionary.

GNS 202 Communication in English II (2 units)

Definition of Communication. Correspondence (Letter Writing), Writing for Publications, Reports Writing, Registers.

GNS 301 Advanced Communication in English (2 units)

Grammatical Rules, Parts of Speech, Synonyms and Antonyms, Phrases, Clauses, Comprehension and Summary, Essay writing, Literary Appreciation and Registers.

GNS 302 English Language and communication (2 units)

Communication, Correspondence, Logical Thinking, Features of Report Writing, Registers in Communication.

GNS 304 Citizenship and leadership Education (3 units)

Citizenship and Leadership, Concept of Government, Constitution, Rule of Law, Fundamental Human Right, Nation Building Ideology.

GNS 321 International Relations. (3 units)

International Relations and Foreign Policy, Balance of Power Theory, International Economic Order, International Organisations, African International Relations, Problem of Decolonisation in Southern Africa, Nigerian Foreign Policy.

AGT124 Rural Sociology (2 units)

Sociological Concepts, Social System, Marriage and Family Formation, Meaning of Social Change, Settlement Pattern and Village Organisation, Concept of Culture, Rural Community Leadership in Nigeria, Rural development.

AGR 402 Agricultural Personnel Management (2 units)

Concept of Personnel Management, Nature of Industrial Organisations, Organisational Structure, Importance of motivation and the factors affecting it, Employment and its various Types, Concept of Industrial Relations, Wages and Salary Administration in relation to Condition of Employment.

AEM 426 Rural Sociology (2 units)

Simple Terms used in Sociology, Rural and Urban Communities Indices, Community Settlement. Social Systems, Sociology and Agricultural Extension, Social and Cultural Change.

MTH 111 Logic and Linear Algebra (2 units)

Logic, Permutation and Combination. Bynomial Theorem, Matrix and Determinants.

MTH 112 Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry (3 units)

Indices, Logarithm and Surds, Graphs, Quadratic Equation, Permutation and Combination, Set Theory. Progression, Binomial Theorem, Vectors, Equations, Elementary Trigonometry.

MTH 122 Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry (2 units)

Trigonometry, Mensuration, Analytical Geometry, Conics.

AEM 311 Agricultural Mathematics (2 units)

Mathematical Terminologies, Linear Equation Problems, Quadratic Equations and Applications, Solving Linear Equations Graphically, Solving Quadratic Equations Graphically, Linear Functions, Quadratic Functions, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.

MTH 311 Advance Algebra (2 units)

Functions, Series, Principle of Mathematical Induction, Matrices, Vector Analysis, Complex Numbers.

MTH 312 Advance Calculus (2 units)

Laplace Transformation, Fourier Series, Second Order Differential Equation, Simultaneous Linear Differential Equation, Partial Differential Equations, Functions of Several Variables.

Dr. Mrs. V.E. Okpeze

Head of Department